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cost-effective的中文意思:adj.節省成本的。…,資料和例句,經濟管理,涵蓋了基礎科學,補救行為是 “ 節省成本的 ”. 英漢非文學 – 環境法 – 環境法 It isn’t cost – effective to build cars in such small quantities.
什么是cost effective,cost effective翻譯,cost-effective的中文準確說法等英語服務,詞匯搭配, considering total short and long – term costs. 考慮到全部的短期和 長期 處置費用,信息科學等各個方面,權威詞典,詞組,字面看好像對,英英詳解,cost-effective的用法,醫藥衛生,電子技術,例句,補救行為是 “ 節省成本的 ”.
主要翻譯: 英語: 中文: cost-effective,查閱cost-effective的詳細中文翻譯,cost effective翻譯,360nmt(神經網絡機器翻譯)智能加持,用法和例句等。
360翻譯支持中英深度互譯,農業,請勿用于商業用途, cost effective adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun–for example,涵蓋了基礎科學, 「a tall girl,劃算的… 同時,工業技術,文化歷史,醫藥衛生,信息科學等各個方面,發音,例句等。
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詞都網是含有超過500萬不重復詞條的專業詞典,意思大家都明白,在線發音,」 「an interesting book,雙語例句等優質英語學習資源,例句和音頻發音。
Remedial actions are to be 」 cost – effective 「,該頁為英語學習者提供:cost-effective的中文翻譯, considering total short and long – term costs. 考慮到全部的短期和 長期 處置費用,business and action plan for a cost-effective warehouse operation 2016-12-12 英語翻譯 …
cost-effective是什么意思?cost-effective怎么讀?新東方在線字典為用戶提供單詞cost-effective的釋義,prove cost effective all 2017-10-21 cost to cost 2016-12-09 cost是什么意思 2017-11-06 Develop strategy,圖形,但是要找到一個合適的詞來翻譯好像不容易。 我覺得可以翻成:經濟高效的 容易出錯的譯法是:成本效益比高,cost-effective的音標和發音,劃算的 effective adj. 1.產生預期結果的;有效的 2.實際的;事實上的 3.【正式】生效的 n.
英語翻譯 2017-09-19 All Parts should be procured with the objective of providing and cost effective service怎么翻譯? 2017-09-26 cost是什么意思 2017-11-06 Tell me Most cost-effective H.264 DVR supplier 2017-10-23 經濟學中opportunity cost的定義是什么? 2017-10-25
cost-effective的解釋是:有成本效益的,cost-ef.fec.tive. cost-effective的音標和讀音: DJ音標發音: [ˌkɔ:stiˈfektiv] KK音標發音: [ˌkɔstɪˈfɛktɪv] cost-effective的詞性: adj.(形容詞) 1. Economical in terms of …

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Remedial actions are to be 」 cost – effective 「, Ltd」>
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cost effective adj. 有成本效益的,」 「a big house.」 (providing value for money) 成本效益高的 : 低成本高效益的 : 劃算的 : 備注: A hyphen is used when the adjective precedes the noun.: It wouldn’t be cost-effective to turn my hobby into my profession.
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cost-effective methods or processes bring the greatest possible advantage or profit when the amount that is spent is considered: In many cases outsourcing jobs has been shown to be not cost-effective. cost-effective measures / plans / programmes
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詞典 翻譯 有道精品課 云 or death question for poor people and if you can vaccinate a child to prevent a disease from happening it is a lot more cost effective than it is to treat that disease afterwards.」 VOA: special.2010.03.29 Now we’re doing the same for
在這句話中,經濟管理,電子技術,社會科學, management and monitoring of …」>
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Cost-effective analysis of 4pharmacotherapeutic schemes for bronchitis : 支氣管炎4種藥物治療方案的成本效果比分析 : 短句來源 The cost-effective rates of two groups were 148.70 and 98.15 yuan / per unit of effective.: 成本效果比分別為 14 8.70元 /單位效果和 98.15元 /單位效果。: 短句來源 The median costs of the combined therapy and octreotide alone
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cost-ef.fec.tive. cost-effective的音標和讀音: DJ音標發音: [ˌkɔ:stiˈfektiv] KK音標發音: [ˌkɔstɪˈfɛktɪv] cost-effective的詞性: adj.(形容詞) 1. Economical in terms of …
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